After hundreds of years, Brazilian cowboys are still cool. It began in the 1700’s. Brazilian cowboys, called gauchos, (drawn in arrow pointing to black and white photo) roamed the fertile southern Pampas, herding cattle. At night, the nomadic gauchos gathered to roast meat over an open fire pit of mesquite, sharing tasty grilled meat and stories of the day’s adventures. From these simple roots of camp-side feasts, the origin of today’s churrasco style of cuisine was born.

Where else can you get select cuts of beef, poultry, fish and pork served on a sword?

Once everyday Josés got a taste of meat grilled in this churrasco style, they couldn’t get enough. After all, it is served on a sword! Over the years, churrascaria spread throughout the country and Brazilians melded this delicious practice with their tradition of celebration and feasting. As time went on, more meat dishes where added, borrowing from the various cultures that began to settle in Brazil.

The Art of the Feast comes to the Bay Area.

Ten years ago, a Brazilian husband and wife team, Paulo and Maris Klein, saw a perfect niche in the food and fun-loving city of San Francisco and introduced the only authentic churrascaria. By blending the traditional gaucho favorites with a host of seasonal specialties, along with exceptional service, Paulo and Maris have captured the essence of what the Brazilian art of the feast is all about. Gaucho chefs slowly grill choice cuts of skewered meat over an open flame. A parade of meats is then served tableside by the chef, evoking the fireside meals on the open plains, until each guest has feasted to contentment.

Brazilian style – a tasting menu of 14 meat courses.

Today, with locations in San Francisco and San Mateo, Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse has brought the art of the Brazilian feast to this centuries-old grilling tradition to a new level with 14 signature cuts of beef, pork and chicken roasted over mesquite imported from Brazil and dozens of fresh seasonal salads and hot dishes that reflect the bounty of Northern California.

For the authentic taste of Brazilian churrasco, join us at Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse.

The flavors of Brazil come alive at Espetus Churrascaria with Bay Area's very first Rodizio style restaurant - where several different cuts of succulent, premium-quality beef, lamb, chicken, pork and seafood are slowly roasted on open flame and served tableside by Brazilian Gaucho Chefs.

Espetus Brazilian Steak House - San Francisco and San Mateo - CA

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