Churrasco (shoo – ras – ko) has been a culinary tradition for more than three centuries in Rio Grande do Sul (Southern Brazil). In the olden days, “Gauchos” (Southern Brazilian Cowboys) pierced large pieces of meat and slowly roasted them over open flamed pits, while talking about their adventures on the plains. At Espetus Churrascaria, we have kept the Gaucho tradition alive. Prime cuts of meat are prepared over an open flame and served as they have been for centuries, preserving the individual taste of each tender cut. Grill master Paulo Klein and his wife Maris, founded Espetus Churrascaria in the heart of San Francisco in 2003. An authentic Gaucho, and native of the city of Novo Hamburgo of Brazil’s Pampas region, Paulo joined years of expertise with Luso-Brazilian Head Chef Robson Barreto, who studied culinary arts in various schools in Brazil and then attended the Escuela de Artes Culinarias – Barcelona, Spain – where he specialized in Mediterranean and Iberian cuisine. In November of 2008, Espetus opened its first sister restaurant in downtown San Mateo, bringing to the Peninsula the authentic Southern Brazilian “Churrascaria” experience. Send your feedback to info@espetus.com .

The flavors of Brazil come alive at Espetus Churrascaria with Bay Area's very first Rodizio style restaurant - where several different cuts of succulent, premium-quality beef, lamb, chicken, pork and seafood are slowly roasted on open flame and served tableside by Brazilian Gaucho Chefs.

Espetus Brazilian Steak House - San Francisco and San Mateo - CA

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