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At Espetus, 12 to 14 different types of meat are typically available nightly and for weekend lunch including filet mignon, sirloin steak, garlic sirloin, top sirloin, flap steak, beef ribs, pork tenderloin, pork loin with parmesan cheese, home-made pork sausage, chicken legs, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, chicken hearts and lamb; slowly roasted to create a succulent taste and texture.

Guests control the pace of their experience with a small green and red-sided circular chip given to each of them. The green side “Yes, please” signals the “Gauchos” chefs to serve, while the red side “No, thank you” stops the service. You may take a break and resume service simply by displaying the green side again.

The prix-fixe menu is offered on a “all-you-can-eat” system and includes a sumptuous Brazilian inspired salad and hot plate bar featuring rice, beans, and a variety of side dishes, plus many vegetarians selections. Dessert is served a la carte.


Valentine’s Day: $56.95 all day
Lunch (Monday-Friday): $27.95 per person (Seven different cuts of meat)
Lunch (Saturday-Sunday): $39.95 per person
Dinner: $56.95 per person
*Prices are subjected to change without notice. Menu items are subjected to seasonal availability.

Meat Selections Gourmet Salad Bar Desserts Drinks

The flavors of Brazil come alive at Espetus Churrascaria with Bay Area's very first Rodizio style restaurant - where several different cuts of succulent, premium-quality beef, lamb, chicken, pork and seafood are slowly roasted on open flame and served tableside by Brazilian Gaucho Chefs.

Espetus Brazilian Steak House - San Francisco and San Mateo - CA

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